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"I don't see how we would get past this summer without knowing definitively where we stand," the NBA commissioner said before the Golden State Warriors hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers. The law excludes lesbian, gay and transgender people from state anti-discrimination protections. It also blocks local governments from expanding LGBT protections, and bars all types of workplace discrimination lawsuits from state courts. The law also directs transgender people to use public toilets corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificate. Several entertainers have already canceled scheduled appearances in North Carolina because of the law. But Silver said he thinks there have been productive talks about changing it that leave him optimistic the NBA will not have to take a similar approach with its February showcase. "I think both sides of the issue recognize, however heartfelt their views are, that the current state of being is causing enormous economic damage to the state," Silver said. "I think they realize that we very much would like to play next year's All-Star Game in North Carolina, as I've said before." Silver said he believed that the portion of the law involving bathroom use has overshadowed what, for the league, is the bigger issue of inclusion and diversity. Silver called those "core principles" on which the NBA was founded.

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